Thursday, August 31, 2006

Her Tampon Exploded (Inside of Her)

The spatial plates place us in
Dire straits
In terms of cosmic delays.

The cream dreams of television
Narrate a moon escape
To let you stay up late.

Opulent, vision sisters,
Wry tittie-twister bar-back transistors--
Wrench, unholy, the fated crepes
Caught creeping incredulously
As if from The Great Escape.

Make mine a double cherry pie, a la mode.
Deconstruct an alabaster alabama disaster,
Thanks for the tip, Frank Kermode, this mode of
Practical pimp limps from a swift kick
Limp crystal dick or long and strong for 16
Hours: check your dong.

Dream sense, a moon-sense of crystal pliable pliers.
Notation Mars, the nation, the alien(ation) affectation
Snake bite cooler than the hype don’t believe
The hype the beta band was present and presenting
At Custer’s last stand

One’s Sioux pop, nude cant shop.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Miss Ion In Posse Liable

Exceptionality causes yet another fatality
But you can bet an earnest boss’ brother
Will never smother an loaded dice or a pair of licentious
Blondes with wigs on
This is not the latest con
This is not the latest con
Business fought LA best fawn

Who can keep the moment every stolen bowlin’ sergeant
Crown Royal tokin’ bag of opiates mix the minefield
In the dustbowl
Holy Smokes
This joke’s a folk show
Yolks goiter let us loiter
Beneath the bandsaw nightmare
Millionaire a little bass, a little snare
Steal your face ride the ATL with Mase
Basketcase musical preference commonly determined by race

Dame Quickly a lame blame game fain
Would pop a SCUD
In order to scare the b’jeezy out of a wheezy
Kid who plays computer chess
Doesn’t dress the best
But at home he slays more dragons
Than all the rest

Most Wanted Terrorist: bin Laden.
Most Vaunted Alienist: Fox Mulder.
Overdetermined sperm flew straight

To the uvula magma opus soap a dope
Modus operandi James Bond is the guy
To throw a needle in your eye
But Tony Soprano could destroy Kojo
In a fistfight in any AC casino

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Carton Tragedy Google This Hit-Or-Miss Falun Gong

Veal-Com the ultravixen Ava Gardner
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(a real eye opener)
The epic episteme the dream the crème de la cream
Ream seem to dank drunk horse the concourse
Don’t touch the magazine it’s the swimsuit fanzine
Underground fingers subterranean digits funk de la funk
Feel horny go get crunk it’ll seem like some last
Nightmare of the career of Homi Bhabha
>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(yo mama)

This has nothing to do with
A will to normalize
But right about now I’d kill
For maybe a Wendy’s Biggie fries

Put them together suicide bombing
Put them together distant long-distance telecommunicational longing
An instant of wrong doing pursuing IBM crème de la crème IM
Two white women,
one Jew,
and Homi Bhabha:
@@@@@@@@@@Ethnicity Lite?@@@@@@@@
Circuit City. Work-out synchronicity.
Can you do five crunches six times out of five in a nine by ten drama trauma
Hamas special sauce Fatah delicious yet suspicious
Can’t rant for too long CNN is on
The last recourse to get away from all provoking discourse
See the fuss about those who don’t look like us get their bonnets in a muss
2000 years of fears fears fears they say/
The way they play the story of the day
Overlooking malicious snickering of IBM execs who wreck
The lives of those who live the life of armor-all hand jive roses in the garden
Fartin’ up a storm inside a Porsche postered dorm.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fielding Feldman's Fifty Famous Virgins

Foucault will not be reborn.
Food Co. wilt ought, grab the bull by the horn.
Franz Ferdinand died of a gunshot wound,
JFK did, too, and that guy descended from
Van Gogh, but missles straight outta the epistles
put an en-d to dark skinned m-en, to wom-en, even childr-en
The swoon of sweat wounds feet first into the pool
Don’t eat for thirty minutes too soon that
Hot macaroon will be your last crass morsel
Danny Devito snorkels the rule based hotshot scattershot
Buckshot been in the news of duty calls faux call to
A shoehorn blues based scaffold riff bum bum bum bum bum::::
“Hello, sir, may I speak to Wei Ping?” “Mr. Ping is not in…”
“Okay, thanks, I'll call again soon.”

Malt the shark mack the NARC
Don’t feed the snark or fart in the dark
In your hair in your eyes smells go
Your Nose
“That is how it goes…”
How it grows? Flows the river of a shiver or
Of some delicious not to say suspicious candy-giver
Who delivers knows not what Hottentots with X amount
Of shots of fetus juice blue moose who’s who
I choo choo choose you

Monday, April 17, 2006

I Fucked Judith Butler

PuTt them together
------------------pog license lice licentious
how rolling how trolling
a scam of the beheading
be heading
bee heading
bereavement bling
beaver fermenting
be a mint ding
be re: mental

safe for Mace
save my face
Philadelphia Eagles still in the race

sad for dad clad in rad gonad tad
clog dat rot NIN lad

compulsively producing till it's not even any good

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Lass, the Er, Ham Lettre

I rap about dime bags
donkey kong and fruit loops
----If I had to sing like Sinatra
it would be like "boop a-doop doop"
___________________________________I made up thse rhymes myself
"That's the way the world ends,
not with a bang but a whimper."
Mad love to TS for propagatin' these rhymes.
Mad love to the h-aura, the h-aura...
Mad love to trench-fart
Mad love to Roland Barthes
Mad love to the origin of myth
Mad love to this

Selling be-devils the levels of gazing
________________you know,
girls with things crammed up their butt

This daisy stayes with you the most toasting MC
the ghost floating syllogism with crimsom
allegory jurisprudence rememberence
don't knock the fence till you done tried it
put Yorick in your shoes
hootie-hoos and boo-hoos and hoo-ha
from Scent of a Woman

Thursday, March 30, 2006

u should get that tattoo joefox

the cream dream
_________is a most excellent nightmare
fear of flailing
_________fear of flying/not adequate protection
BBQ Ribs McRib Lobster Bib
Tookie of the Crips died from lethal injection
||||||||||||died from lethal injection||||||||||||
the explosiveness of blowing-up
the skin of knowing
the brain drain of sin going huff

Dubai fat sac
=============whore whirled
///////nanofaction granulate Benz///////
a quote from one of his important essays
______wouldn't tell my mom if i had AIDS

felix flex fax smart fart
fort for fandango
dodge durango------- kangaroo jack
he's back on ________the fast track
to rack and roll to rock and roll
Turing Test to find the best
feeling free and knealing seaward
soiled bleaker st.